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Post Card Advertising: 

You would be sharing space with five other companies. The postcard is oversized with the following dimensions: 8.52 x 5.47. You would be featured on 250 postcards that are mailed out standard mail. These postcards are mailed throughout the United States. I use specific demographics to narrow down the leads I use.

   Some of the demographics for the post cards include: residents that make at least 60,000 a year or more,include a female at the residence,include age ranges from 20 years old and older,they are either a homeowner or renter. I’m also able to narrow down using additional demographics as seen fit for your postcards. These options also include marital status,occupation,education level,has shown an interest in money making opportunities,lifestyle interests and children in the home just to name a few. The fee to be involved is $50 for a set of 250 postcards. 

   This fee includes the creation of your postcard,using the lead system to generate address info for 250 residents in the United States,addressing your postcards,postage cost and mailing them. You will also have the option to obtain the list of names and addresses that were used for your postcards so you can follow up with them as well if you like. If you would like to see an example of the post card so your able to get a better idea of the set up please send me a message. If you have any questions,etc feel free to message me as well. Please take a look at our other services we offer below as well by clicking on the appropriate image.

Post Card Advertising

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