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FACEBOOK EVENT: We only allow the same company at one event. You will never have to worry about competing with another rep from the same company at your event. We do your advertising for you for your event. We purchase facebook ads to advertise all over the united states for our events. All you have to do is provide one picture,direct shopping link and a brief description of what you sell and any specials you have. I allow all the reps in their event to post up to 5 times per day as well. This includes multiple posts, multiple pictures, etc. The facebook event is $10.00 per company/month. If you have any questions at all please click contact above in the menu.

October 2015: The Following Companies Are Taken For October: Younique, Jamberry, It Works

November 2015: The Following Companies Are Taken For November: Younique, Jamberry

December 2015: The Following Companies Are Taken For December: Younique, Jamberry

January 2016: The Following Companies Are Taken For January: Jamberry

Febraury 2016:

March 2016:

April 2016:

May 2016: