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Direct Sales Directory: Are you looking for a way to expand your business to get more reps/consultants on your team and/or advertise your direct sale company or companies? Well then the direct sales directory is for you. For only $30 you will be listed in our directory for life under your state as long as your active in your company or companies. Your listing will include your direct link to your website and/or direct contact information. The direct sales directory is advertised every day using sponsored face book ads. Our website is also visited by hundreds a day that are already selling for companies. Most of them are interested in joining other companies as well. This is a great way to get new reps/consultants as well as sales. If you would like to see the directory so your able to get a better idea of the set up please send me a message. If you have any questions,etc feel free to message me as well. Please take a look at our other services we offer below as well by clicking on the appropriate image.

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