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August 2020

Direct Sales Blog

"When you are supporting a small business you are supporting a dream"

Rebecca Friend Sharp:

"Imagine a world where we listen to everyone's stories and we learn we are not as different as we are the same"

My name is Rebecca Sharp and I am a mother of 5, wife, a full time freelance photographer and lover of Lashes! I have been shooting for more than 35 years and recently found the Tori Belle magnetic liner and lashes. Initially I thought these would be AMAZING for my boudoir clients and thought I would try them out first to make sure I could offer them to my girls! I was HOOKED 100% and became an affiliate for the company.

Tori Belle

Tori Belle offers many items such as eye brow kits, face primer, eye shadows but the Hot Item is our magnetic liner and lashes. Super easy, no mess and reusable for up to 20-30 wears!

Tee Maine

"Time to eliminate things that no longer evolve me." -- Erykah Badu

The concept of Urban Unikorn started back in 2018, and was fully manifested in 2020 right in the kitchen of Tianna’s The Owner, apartment. Being a lover of beautiful aromas and soothing bath experiences, Tianna felt that everyone should have the opportunity to pamper themselves; and that was the birth of Urban Unikorn.

Urban Unikorn

After several months of experimenting and perfecting our products, we mastered the collection of scents that we know you will appreciate. We loved them so much, that we decided to add bath bombs to our line, allowing you to embrace the FULL Urban Unikorn experience. With all the love energy and intentions that is put into our products we know that every product you receive from Urban Unikorn will be satisfying. It is our intention to help you FIND YOUR SERNITY !

Email [email protected] Phone 813-512-907 Instagram Urban.Unikorn Facebook Urban Unikorn


Tandy Mcbride

"The end result of kindness that it draws people to you"


My name is Tandy McBride. I'm a mother, world traveler, entrepreneur, tree hugger, lifelong vegetarian, spa connoisseur, and lover of design and aesthetics... and coffee, lol!

I'm working with an incredible team to launch The Body Shop at Home in the US in June, and Canada later this summer. When you join our Tribe you will have great support from Leaders with years of direct sales experience, social media know-how, and a genuine passion for the product line!

Let's grow together!

Tandy McBride

The Body Shop


Getting in on the ground floor doesn't come along very often. Be one of the first Consultants in the US and Canada.

* Lucrative comp plan

* Consumable products

* Cruelty-free, vegetarian, community trade

* No monthly website fees

* No monthly sales requirements

* Host rewards program

* Starter kit is only $79 plus tax ($230 value)

and so much more!

Devon Livingston

"Live Laugh Love,Let yourself Shine"

My name is Devon. I live in a small town in NH with my family. I started really working my business when we started a family because I wanted to watch my little girl grow up and enjoy life with my husband. I love helping my team hit their goals and dreams every day.

The Body Shop

Tula XII is a planning direct sales company. We help you set up a planner that will work for all your specific needs. Contact Info: email [email protected] or phone 603-496-7405


"Live Laugh Love,Let yourself Shine"

Initials Inc:

Initials Inc is a bag and accessory based company. We provide different items to help you do so many different things whether it is travelling across the world or an every day use. Initials Inc has what you need.


Michele Sylvester

"“Success isn’t about your own accomplishments,it’s how you inspire others to be successful. “

I started my business, with a little coaxing from a friend, to use some of my “unique” abilities to create handcrafted diffuser jewelry, which I will still make available. However, I found that most of my clientele were coming from the health and wellness industry. They to believed in natural healing products and healthy mind/body practices. The healthy lifestyle trend, for most, has stretched beyond the gym. Now it's embedded as part of our culture. No matter what your shape, style or activity level, there is something available for you.

[email protected]


Bruna Ally 

"Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out? Dr. Seuss

My name is Bruna. I’m here to help you create a hair and skincare regime tailored to your specific needs. My products are all vegan, plant based products scientifically formulated to improve the quality of your hair and skin from the inside out


Lemongrass Spa focuses on fresh and natural quality ingredients, from right here in the USA. They have a everything for your hair to your toes. The products are incredibly competitive in pricing which is one of the huge reasons I took the leap!

I love this company! They give back in so many ways and I'm happy to be part of that.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me!

I am always looking for members to join my team!

My direct link is:

You can find me on:

Facebook: Teal Bull Co. and Spa

Email: [email protected]

Amanda Bermudez

""If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it."

-Wanda Skyes

Born and raised in Springfield, AR, I have strong southern roots. I believe it is important to show hospitality and kindness to our neighbors.

I believe that shopping small and local is so important and plays a huge role in that process.

I discovered Lemongrass Spa and immediately feel in love with the products. Before I knew it my wishlist was pretty huge.

Being that there was a $49 Kit that was just released with quality items that I wanted, plus I only needed to spend $25/month to stay active, I figured, how can I go wrong?

But as a stay at home mom who gets very limited adult interaction, I decided to give the parties a go! I have had so much fun meeting new people, sharing my true love for these products, building new connections, new friendships, and all the while making 25% commission while doing it. And it was so much easier than I thought. My friends and family loved the products as well as everyone I have shared them with!

Naomi Simonson

"What if I fail?

Oh, but my darling, what if you fly"​

My passion is to help you look and feel great! I love to serve others and show them what is possible. Say YES to your best healthiest self! I help individuals who want to improve their health, lose weight, have more energy, and be able to live their life with more vitality and prosperity. I have made it my mission to help people live healthier lives and to help them design their lifestyle that effortlessly sets them up for a fit body and peaceful mind. I advocate natural living as it has an enormous healing as well as regenerating power. All one needs to do is to find a balance between the work life and take out quality time to really focus on their own selves for the sake of their health.


Angelia Knight


I am Angelia Knight, an Agent of Change reminding others that improving your Health is an investment in your WEALTH!

[email protected] 757-240-0637

Alyssa Storie

"Be loyal to your principles. Be loyal to those you love. Be loyal to yourself"

My name is Alyssa Storie. I have currently been with Scentsy a little over a year now. I am married to the love of my life and we are raising a daughter who could tell you just as much about Scentsy as I could if not more!


Scentsy is known for warmers and wax. Although we are much more than that. We also have laundry, cleaning, kids and even a pet line! We have something to offer even for the tiniest ones in our lives! 

Contact Info: [email protected] (828)474-0283 FB: Smellie Storie VIP Group

Deborah Darling Raphael

"We all start somewhere by taking a step to get our goals accomplished"

Paparazzi & Tupperware

VIP Tupperware Corrine Elliott

Shelley Bouchard

""All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

I am a Cancer Survivor, so it is very important to me to use quality products that support my health and wellbeing. I love our products because they do just that! They are FREE of toxins, products and pure plant based oils. I am so grateful that I have found a company that holds itself to the strictest standards of quality and integrity. By doing so, I feel wonderful using every single product that I have tried. It’s a great bonus that I receive commissions from sharing what I totally believe in.

Sharing is the key to succeeding in our business. You must always believe in your product before you can share anything about it. 

Shelley Bouchard, Young Living Independent Distributor

Young Living

Young Living has always been at the forefront of making essential oils available to consumers.

Any time you hold a bottle of our powerful essential oils, you are holding the pure essence of botanicals that can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, and incorporated into massage.

Whether you want to boost your energy or supplement your diet. Young Living's nutrition solutions empower you to meet your wellness goals the natural way.

Young Living also offers safe, essential oil-infused alternatives for products you use every day. Fill your home with cleaning and dental care products you can feel good about.

Young Living also includes our very own cosmetics. Every Savvy Minerals product is carefully crafted and developed with an unwavering standard of purity and quality. Savvy Minerals is here to empower you to be the best you want to be.

Imagine a career doing what you love! You determine the hours you want to work and the income you want to work towards. You are your own boss.

Being a Young Living Distributor offers dedicated support from Young Living and your team, and an industry-leading compensation plan.

No Commitments

Many Incentives

Free Products

[email protected]

Sheena Edwards

"When you focus on problems you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities you will have more opportunities"

I am a passionate person who has a love for helping people. I am a wife and a mother of a 12 year old son who is my heartbeat. I started a side business helping individuals restore their credit and become debt free while gaining back financial freedom. I enjoy what I do as I am helping people achieve their goals and dreams. I am a Financial Coach working with UCES to provide a protection plan of services to include credit restoration, identity monitoring, Will/Trust and so much more.

United Credit Education Services

United Credit Education Services (UCES) offers an all-inclusive financial membership. The UCES Protection Plan was designed to support your financial opportunities by implementing positive habits to create and maintain a strong financial future. Your membership can help to ensure you and your family are safe guarding the assets that you've earned and those you have to come.

Phone for calls and texts 803.487.4504 Email: [email protected]

Christina Mastrolia

"Be obsessed with your own potential"

I am Christina (you can call me Christie). I am a first responder wife, a mom of 3, and a homemaker. I love all things fitness, running and Barre are my favorites, and a good Les Mills Body Pump is always a grand time. I enjoy trying new recipes, and perfecting a homemade cinnamon roll!


Plexus is the health and happiness company. Did you know your gut affects just about everything health related? Tending to your gut can bring so much relief to NUMEROUS health concerns, all used high quality, plant based supplements.

The website is a great reference for product information, but please use it as a guide. And there are additional pricing options available. Please reach out, let's chat about health goals, and confirm the best products for you! 

Shannon Rose Hughes

"The goal is not to be successful, The goal is to be valuable, Instead of chasing success, It will attract itself to you"

A little bit about me! I've been with Pure Romance 2 years! My mission statement is Freedom & Boundaries: To Empower & motivate, Women to be free to have stability. While being Authentic and resilient myself in keeping boundaries and setting my own schedule! Having fun and letting loose~

Pure Romance

Pure Romance is a company designed for women, to learn about sexually wellness in a comfortable atmosphere. While having fun. Empowering each other and lifting them up. Empower, Educate & Entertain!

Erika Zwagil

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself alone, what am I? And if not now, then when? Hillel Pirkei Avot 1:14


I’m Erika!

I want to introduce myself and I’m super excited to be here and make new connections with each of you!

My background is that I have a Doctorate in physical therapy, was a massage therapist and also was a doula..and now an independent hempworx affiliate ....I’ve lived many lives and just love helping people!

A few years ago, I had a significant birth trauma and required two blood transfusions and two iron infusions. I almost lost my life and now I am just so grateful to be alive and hopefully help someone else in their journey from struggling to healing.

I have permanent nerve damage in my left leg and pelvis and when my brother recommended I take CBD oil, I was completely against it! But when his company came out with the broad spectrum CBD oil (zero thc) so I was game to give it a shot....This was a huge turning point for me.

I got to experience the Hempworx difference and I’m excited to share it with one should have to suffer when there are options out there to help!

Feel free to visit my website, comment or just get in touch to say hi


One of the fastest, forward-thinking network marketing companies, My Daily Choice, (MDC) was founded by my brother and sister in law, Josh and Jenna Zwagil who were affiliates in the field of network marketing industry. They both were top income earners as affiliates and learned what they liked and didn't like in the field and from there launched MDC in 2014.

My Daily Choice is a house of brands which include Hempworx, Mantra, and High Life Travel and is constantly expanding.

Hempworx, the most well known of all the brands, has received the Global 100 Award as the fastest growing in the industry, has been featured in Forbes and My Vegas magazines and is truly leading the world of CBD forward. They were also 1 of 13 original companies that received the US Hemp Authority Seal of Approval for safety and quality of their products.

They are taking the Network Marketing industry by storm with innovative products and fair and lucrative compensation plan, a full marketing system that it is a done for you, and easily duplicated so that you and your team can succeed.

I’m looking forward to the new brands and product launches as we all watch this company continue to succeed and change lives as they do.