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December 2019

Direct Sales Blog

"When you are supporting a small business you are supporting a dream"

Rebecca Sharp:

"Imagine a world where we listen to everyone's stories and we learn we are not as different as we are the same"

My name is Rebecca Sharp and I am a mother of 5, wife, a full time freelance photographer and lover of Lashes! I have been shooting for more than 35 years and recently found the Tori Belle magnetic liner and lashes. Initially I thought these would be AMAZING for my boudoir clients and thought I would try them out first to make sure I could offer them to my girls! I was HOOKED 100% and became an affiliate for the company.

Heather Nicole:

"In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind"

I am a first grade teacher and a grad student. I like to spend my time with family and friends. I have always loved jewelry!

Tori Belle

Tori Belle offers many items such as eye brow kits, face primer, eye shadows but the Hot Item is our magnetic liner and lashes. Super easy, no mess and reusable for up to 20-30 wears!

J Bloom

jBloom is a jewelry company that connects with women who have different styles and different stories to tell. There’s a look for everyone—a way to mix personalization with personal style. You’ll see new ways to customize pieces, along with styles that range from monograms and pearls to boho chic, from classic design to a mix of delicate and bold. My contact info: [email protected], 704-641-7326,

Mycha Owens:

"Nothing Brings To Life Again A Forgotten Memory Like Fragrance"

I am a recent Barclay College graduate. I have a B.S. in Business Administration and another in Biblical Studies. One of the most important things that I learned during my time at BC was the importance of making each individual customer feel like they are your only customer. I believe that as a small business owner this method of customer service will allow me to stand out from other businesses.

I was born and raised in Kansas and recently moved to North Carolina to explore more career opportunities. I have loved every second of my time in North Carolina and I cannot wait to see what opportunities might arise in the near future.


I chose to become part of the Scentsy family because it is just that... Family. Whenever I have a question or maybe need some guidance there is ALWAYS someone willing to give me pointers. We are not competing against each other rather helping each other to become successful business owners. Scentsy has changed my life and through Scentsy I have met and made connections to people from all over the world.

Phone number: 620-352-0594 Email: [email protected]

Yelitza Alvarado:


There Is No Greater Success Than Turning Your True Passion Into A Dream, And Seeing Its Reality Come To True Manifestation"

My name is Yelitza. I am a lover of jewelry, a mother and a wife. My family is my world, but my passion is jewelry. My fascination with jewelry began when I was a little girl. While my sisters played with dolls, I spent hours playing dress-up and wearing as many jewelry pieces as I could find in my mom’s or my grandmother’s jewelry boxes. Back then, wearing jewelry made me feel beautiful, confident, and strong. That feeling continues today.

Opening “The GlamBox Jewels” was a dream come true for me. How many of us can truly say that we work doing something that we love and enjoy? I do! I wear jewelry that I love and I sell it every day!

Please visit The GlamBox Jewels and see what it has to offer. Catch our live jewelry shows Wednesdays at 8:30 PM EST, and flash sales throughout the week. Share it with your friends and family. Buy beautiful jewelry while you support my dream of achieving financial freedom while saving for my sons’ college tuitions. If you are interested in earning additional income, become my partner and be part of a company that empowers, encourages, and trains its consultants to succeed.


The GlamBox Jewels is an online and approved direct seller of Paparazzi Accessories. Paparazzi offers original designs that are trendy and affordable, with collections available for sale at $1, $5 and $25. Our jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free, manufactured in China, with a constantly changing inventory, with new jewelry releases 5 days weekly. So, if you see a piece you like, don’t wait! BUY It!

I am eager to share how fun, rewarding and exciting this opportunity has been for me. Become part of The GlamBox Jewels and the Paparazzi family and earn 45% commission. To learn more of this life-changing opportunity, visit my website, or feel free to contact me via phone, email or Facebook messenger.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 512-796-1352


Facebook Page: The GlamBox Jewels,